Nellis AFB, NV 89191, USA


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Our Military

Historically known as “Home of the Fighter Pilot,” Nellis is a proud member of the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command. It is home to the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center, the largest and most demanding advanced combat training mission in the world. Nellis provides training for composite strike forces, which include every type of aircraft in the Air Force inventory. Training is conducted in conjunction with air and ground units of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and air forces from our allied nations. The base’s all-encompassing mission is accomplished through an array of aircraft, including the A-10, F-15C/D, F-15E, F-22A, F-16C/D, HH-60 and most recently, the F-35A Lightning II.


You’ll never be bored in Nevada! Clark County, which covers an area the size of New Jersey, is in southern Nevada. Within the state, the county borders Nye County to the west and Lincoln County to the north. The southern and eastern borders of the county are on the California and Arizona state lines.

Getting To & Around

Traveling in southern Nevada and Clark County is made easy via several highways. Most people traveling in the area choose to drive, enjoying the convenience of major interstates and roadways. For those flying, McCarran International Airport serves the county with numerous air carriers. The county also benefits from public transportation as well as Greyhound service.

Housing & Real Estate

Exciting attractions, beautiful landscapes and top-quality municipal services in Clark County contribute to a high quality of life. In 2014, an estimated 2 million people called Clark County home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Population density in Clark County was 247.3 people per square mile, the Census found.

Employment & Economy

Considered the heartbeat of southern Nevada, Clark County has a robust economy, which benefits from Nevada’s tax-friendly climate.

Health Care

There are many health care services in Clark County for military, civilians and veterans, though implementation of the Affordable Care Act may change established insurance options. Visit for information on open enrollment for health care coverage under the national Affordable Care Act. Nevada offers state-certified health insurance plans that are based on your income through Nevada Health Link at

Family Resources

Picking up from one place and moving to another is always a hassle, especially when kids and pets are involved. Knowing whom to call or where to find information can help make the transition easier.

Education and Academics

For those moving to a new location, it’s important to know what educational options are available. This chapter outlines the public schools system in Clark County, along with information about local libraries and higher education. There are private schools, charter schools and home schooling available to children in the county as well.


Clark County boasts plenty of entertaining activities — music, theater, museums, parks and shopping. Enjoy a ballet or concert at the Smith Center, for instance, or watch a race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Don’t miss the Clark County Fair & Rodeo in Logandale or electronic dance music combined with cutting-edge effects at the Electric Daisy Carnival. And be sure to check out the Las Vegas Strip and its dazzling attractions.

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